A New Direction

For the past 26 years the building at 106 East Broad St. Quakertown has been the home of J&D Whistle Stop, retail hobby shop.

2016 saw the first change in property owners with 2017 projected to bring yet another new property owner.
As the brick & mortar hobby business has shrunk over the past several years we were fortunate to retain our original lease at a very reasonable rate.

With the uncertainty of our status at this location plus the continued challenges of sustaining a profitable business, we have begun reducing inventory and downsizing our merchandise displays in anticipation of exiting the hobby business in the near future.

After a total of 33 years of selling and repairing hobby supplies as well as offering guidance to anyone who asked, we believe it is time to move in A New Direction.

We thank you, our customers, for the loyal support you've shown us through the years.

J&D Whistle Stop Owned and Copyrighted to David Long.